Friday, September 5, 2014

Music Drawing: How I started

A couple of years ago I was very into drawing with my eyes closed.  Many interesting things came out of my mind and onto paper.  Some of them deep memories, deep dreams, some I didn't want to see.  I did a series of porcelain tiles with some of these images on them.  (Going public with these raw images might not have been a good idea, as I overheard folks say, poor girl she just can't draw).

One particular afternoon when I was experimenting, my husband David came home with a cd of the 1968 Peter Brotzman album Machine Gun (  (Off topic, it looks like Brotzman designed the cover for this self-released album and is a visual artist as well.)

This is an album I have heard most of my life.  Very familiar with it.  Drawn by its chaos.  David put the cd on right there in the studio with me in the middle of things and something interesting happened.  I started drawing the music.  I did eight drawings while the cd was playing.  I was very surprised to feel and see the structure of the music coming out.  I still love these drawings, but sometimes I wish they were in color.

With all this talk about music and drawing, I will have to post about Kandinsky soon.