Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Started with The Boxes

The main thing I am working on right now is the boxes.  In mid October I had a blue day, a rainy day, a day of ennui.  I just went into a corner to wait it out.  But part of me must have had hope because I took a sketch pad and a pencil.

I drew plans for eight boxes with scenes in them.  Starting with the guy with the book on his head.

When visiting the sculpture roof at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (back when it was open) I saw a guy with a book on his head.  He was sitting with two women, so I think he was trying to be impresive, or cute, or funny ... hard to say, but we've all been there.

When I realized I was actually going to make these boxes (and many more) I realized that I will need to learn how to do many new things, like cut wood, build the boxes, make the sculptures inside, light the boxes (never been successful at wiring anything).

When I made the first maquette (that's a model), so many new things arose, like visibility of the objects inside and foreshortening and color and shadow.

The box project is well underway right now.  The first thing I did was make a maquette of the box in the first drawing. Here are some photos about the box:

The SFMOMA Roof Garden:
The Guy With The Book On His Head:
The drawing for the box:
The maquette for the box:

I'm currently learning about plaster sculpture so I can make the figures (see September 2 entry below). That is full of its own non sequiturs.

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