Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Death of San Francisco

I went to the Dia de los Muertos at SOMARTS a couple of weeks ago.  Always moved and inspired by this body of work, a community installation that has been happening every October here in San Francisco for decades.  Visitors learn about family and friends of the artists who have passed, feelings about the afterlife, famous or large personalities who are no longer with us.  These altars often have a highly personal, home-made feel to them.

This year was different.  Very different.  The deep personal loss being felt by many of the participants was a loss of San Francisco.  Our beloved home.  Right now, most natives or long-time residents I speak with are reeling from how vast the changes have been over a period of mere months.  Many have lost homes. All are loosing neighborhoods, identities and more.

This year's Dia De Los Muertos exhibit looks this, like other kinds of personal losses, square in the face.  Looks at our city with love.  Looks at our losses with despair.  Here are some photos of the exhibit.

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