Friday, November 7, 2014

It's a box!

I should have been getting ready to host my Open Studio event, napkins, lighting, cleaning ...

But I just can't stop making stuff.

The really big outcome is that I finished the first box! This is the first of very many planned sculptures that are scenes in boxes.
It will be out and viewable at my Open Studio this weekend.

Also, since next year is a milestone birthday, I wanted to plan something fantastic.  I booked a cabin in the Mojave desert for the month of September.  Here is a google earth picture of the location:
Yesterday, when I wasn't cleaning or lighting or other stuff, I seemed to be imagining being in this spot.  There was some paint on the palette, as I was touching up a painting that will be hung for the weekend.  Might as well put the leftover paint on a canvas, right?
Imagining the desert.  Wet Paint!!

Come on out to 1478 20th Ave, San Francisco, near 19th and Judah, this weekend, 11 am to 5 pm, and help me celebrate being an artist and sharing vision!

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