Friday, November 27, 2009

SFSound November 11, 2009

We went over to Meridian Gallery to hear SFSound Group's "New-ish Music from Germany and Austria." The concert was held in a long, narrow room upstairs where it was possible to hear all the sounds. They were recording the concert, so I hope we will be able to snag a cd or re-hear the inspiring performance on the web somewhere.

They played three pieces:

Helmut Lachenmann's Dal niente (Interieur III) (1970), solo clarinet by Matt Ingalls

Olga Neuwirth's Fondamenta (1998). This piece made me feel very calm and trancy. I loved the way it created an alternate space to be in. Matt Ingalls, bass clarinet,John Ingle, baritone and tenor saxophone,Monica Scott, cello.

Karlheinz Stockhausen's Kurzwellen (1969). The central part of the sound of this piece is the static, distant voices, and rhythmic pulses of a de-tuned shortwave radio. The instruments riffed on and extended these sounds to expound upon the romance of distant and indistinct waves of sounds emanating from exotic and unknown lands. Matt Ingalls, clarinet, electronics, John Ingle, baritone and tenor saxophone,Monica Scott, cello, Chris Froh, percussion, Kjell Nordeson, percussion, Christopher Jones, electronics, and all members playing shorwave radio.