Monday, December 7, 2015

Past and Future Meet in the Present: 2015

Part 1
It's December of an amazing year. I turned 60 at the beginning of the year. 2015 might have gotten so jam-packed with amazing experiences because the moment energized me, reminded me not to fade.

Having arrived at December, I am thinking about the projects of 2015, getting an understanding of what happened, and imagining how they might seed the projects of 2016 and beyond.

I will be writing about all that here in the next few weeks. The blog is a very good place for a quiet person to admit what she is thinking and doing.  Since it's public, it gains some clarity and honesty. I think successful projects have those things -- self-awareness, clarity and honesty -- to steer the driving forces of passion, recklessness, courage, curiosity, determination and skill, toward actually getting something done.

I'll be writing about things like music and telepathy, the long tunnel of dream, buttons and guns, longing in printmaking, electricity, holding a story in your hands, direction of gaze and emotional response, and also, what I didn't make!

I will be announcing the posts on Facebook and through my email list.  If you have found yourself here at the blog and want to get email notices, just let me know through the email at the right.

P.S. I thought someone else might have said something like "Past and Future meet in the Present", so I looked it up.  Here is the first part of a poem by Siegfried Sassoon, English poet and soldier of the First World War:

In me, past, present, future meet
To hold long chiding conference.
My lusts usurp the present tense
And strangle Reason in his seat.
My loves leap through the future’s fence
To dance with dream-enfranchised feet.

(Not my cup of tea, really. It's odd to feel that a poem about time could be anachronistic!)


  1. Jade, Thank You. I really appreciate your blog, I feel like I can really relate to what you are doing. I started a blog quite a while agobut have not gotten it out to people really, and I too would like to do one. It would really help me and perhaps others. I am also an artist,not as prolific as I would prefer.I'd love to meet you and have coffee sometime. Currently I am at the Journal Building, through Art Span.

    1. Would love to meet. Use my email which is in the above right column.