Monday, August 10, 2015

How to See All 50 Boxes

Sanchez Art Center 50/50 Show

Opening Night
August 28, 2015
VIP Preview (Tickets) 6 pm to 8 pm
General Reception 8 pm to 10 pm

Run of Show
August 28 to September 20

Sanchez Art Center
1220 Linda Mar Blvd.
Pacifica, CA

There is more to the 50/50 show at the Sanchez Art Center than just my 50 boxes!! Sixty-three other artists have participated in the demanding task of making one artwork a day for fifty days.

I love this show and attend every year because of the incredible variety of work and the inspiring ideas of the artists.  This year there will be ceramic tiles, paintings of Sutro Tower, found object sculpture, delicate folded papers, something about bones, a book about gnomes, paintings of the sea and so much more.

All of the work is 6 inches by 6 inches.  All is reasonably priced.

Sales are "off the wall," so each piece purchased will be taken home at the time of the purchase.  What that means to people who want to see the collections in their entirety is that they will have to arrive early.  This makes the VIP preview tickets very handy (they're only $20).

You may have been following my progress on Facebook or Instagram.  Only 25 (half!) of the boxes have had their picture published in social media. 

Here are the top five boxes by popularity on social media:

 Cat Flit

Dispersing Birds




I hope to see you at Opening Night!


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