Sunday, August 8, 2010

Admit what you are doing

Last Thursday was not a good painting day. But that's not really a problem, since the past couple of months have been dreamy, very prolific, in the studio. That's why this post doesn't have any new paintings in it.

Admit what you are doing. That's what's been really productive this week. I got past blocks in two different areas by following this advice. Yesterday was the mundane but very satisfying work in the studio, changing the contents of the shelves near my easel to contain the painting tools.

Today, better, was admitting that the Night Cafe paintings had a palette of their own and selecting the pieces with that palette to be in the group. I had thought I should have some guys with, say maybe orange or green, to liven up the grouping. And that was really getting me down, as I have them all arranged on the mantle in my livingroom to dry. As soon as I removed the guys with gold, green and brown, a group began to form. And, then, synergy brought them together with Curtis, a sculpture from years ago of a really tough but sensitive guy and that felt good.

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