Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Book

I keep journals, lots of journals -- with an anachronistic nineteenth-century attention to detail and insistence on handwriting. I have a different journal for every workshop or class I have taken with notes on process, feelings, people I met, photographs, etc.

My main journal is about ideas. It is where I explore the concepts behind my work and collect impressions, quotes, words. Lots of words.

Well, I just finished filling up my latest journal and it is time to make a new one. This is a kind of ritual that involves decorating the book, numbering its pages and covering it with some loved scrap of fabric.

I use a store bought blue-ruled hardbound book. Then add the embellishments. This could take a couple of weeks. This time, I bought some new rubber stamps on Etsy, where some really fine artists hand-carve rubber stamps. And they are beautiful, special, very inspiring.

I number the all the pages in the book using a rubber stamp set.

I decorate the title page

Then I add an index.

Then I decorate the last page.

When I cover it with fabric, I have to also prepare some end papers to tuck the fabric into.

All a big production. But one of my great joys in life.